The Basics

How Is It Made?

As it stands, Shoes are normally produced on a mass scale and are put together by workers in various factory locations.

Due to the nature of the volume of shoes being produced, there are more often than not times where some products display a low level of quality right from the factory. Keeping in mind that you can’t expect any shoe to be perfection from toe to heel, some details on products are not important when verifying authenticity as they are bound to have human error on some models. While on the other end of the spectrum, some models of shoes and clothing are manufactured on a limited production run, meaning the item will be exclusive to specific retailers and will likely not surpass 10,000 units being produced. These items will always have higher quality control standards as there are a lower volume of products coming out of the factory, on these exclusive models you can ensure that for the most part, your shoe or clothing would be next to perfect. Below are some examples of different factory facilities for a variety of brands, these facilities are in various locations across the world. While these workers are extremely skillful in their trade through generations of production, its only natural to expect some human errors to slip by the quality control phase.

Hype the Nation Team – Authentication