At we only allow experienced Consignees into our Verified program in order to ensure that every candidate is qualified and reliable to our network. We thoroughly vet through our consigees for relevant authentication experience, selling/reselling experience and trustworthy references. A minimum 2 Years of overall relevant experience is required to be considered.

Consignees will thrive by being able to easily list their collections for sale. Payouts on items sold takes 7 Business Days to process and are solely processed through PayPal to ensure for secure delivery of payments to the consginee. Listing fee begins at 15% for new users, listing fees decrease by 0.25% each time you sell an item. Once 25 items are successfully sold and paid out you will have an upgraded sellers status with only 5.7% listing fee. Once your application is approved, users will have access to the Verified Consignee’s section on to update their payout information and items for sale.


Verfied Consignors will have the option to:

  1. Send in their collection items before they are purchased to be authenticated at our intake center and listed with a Verified in-stock Status. 
  2. List their available collection items awaiting a sale, once the item is requested for purchase, they will send in their item for authentication.
  3. List their available collections in the ‘Cash-Out’ Section, where consginees will be able to list their items onto their account profile. Items listed in this section will receive a appraisal offer from HypeTheNation. The consginee can choose to immediately sell their items to us for an agreed upon price, items will be sent in for authentication, and the consginee will be paid out.


We take authentication of items extremely seriously and go to great lengths to ensure every product sold is authenticated as a first step. 

All items sold are thoroughly authenticated at our intake center once coming into the facility and again before leaving. Our team of expert product authenticators and specialists ensure the validity of the item being sold, along with this we use patented Ai technology to cross reference every item. 

If an item sent in to be sold is found to be counterfeit it will be returned to the consginee immediately at their cost, on the first incident, the consginee will be warned. On the second incident if the consginee has any items flagged as counterfeit again they will be suspended from the platform for 25 days. Upon the third occasion of a counterfeit item being sent in for sale, the consginee is permanently banned from our network. 


Consignees who become reputable selling on our platform will be rewarded by a decrease in listing fee, after 25 successful pay outs, the listing fee will become 5.7% and users will be offered upgraded sellers status along with various perks and bonuses. Along with this items that are listed will be given priority status over other consginee’s, resulting in much quicker sales rates.